The Top Ten Members Of The 27 Club

They were successful musicians and died at 27 years of age. That is exactly what admitted them to the club. Here is the clubs unofficial top 10


10. Jacob Miller, lead singer Inner Circle - Cause Of Death: Traffic Collision


9. Richey Edwards, Guitarist Manic Street Preachers - Cause Of Death: Disappeared; officially presumed dead November23, 2008


8.Alan Wilson, lead singer Canned Heat - Drug overdose, possible suicide


7.Rudy Lewis, Vocalist of the Drifters- Cause Of Death: Drug overdose


6.Jimi Hendrix, Singer - Cause Of Death: Asphyxiation


5.Brian Jones, Member Rolling Stones - Cause Of Death: Drowning


4.Janis Joplin, Singer - Cause Of Death: Drug overdose


3.Jim Morrison, Lead Singer The Doors - Cause Of Death: Heart Failure


2.Amy WInehouse, Singer - Cause Of Death: Alcohol Poisoning 


1. Kurt Cobain, lead singer for Nirvana - Cause Of Death: Suicide by gunshot