You Thought Humans Couldn't Fly? Then You Haven't Seen These Videos Yet. The Best Of Wingsuit flying!

When you soar the skies, diving-bombing like a hawk, seeing the earth fly past like any mundane problem that has ever bothered you in the slightest....


That's a tiny gap travelling at that little misjudgement and he's an instant cave painting, just when I think I've seen all the crazy shit there is to see I find this O.O I could feel the hair stand up on my neck as he approached the hole so god knows what he was feeling, truly incredible ! This guy's stones are so big I'm amazed they fit through the hole


These men are amongst the earliest wingsuit gliders and pioneers.


Incredible.. Closest damn thing to evolving wings. I wonder how long those dives lasted, it seemed like an age, but I presume they intercut multiple dives. Something quite profound about being free like this. Icarus!


Reminds me of Luke Skywalker approaching the Death Star in his X-wing fighter.