5 Videos to Talk About Stuff That Makes You Interesting At Parties

Nick Hanauer's Banned TED Talk

After earning his philosophy degree from the University of Washington, Hanauer got his business start at the family-owned Pacific Coast Feather Company, where he continues to serve as co-chair and CEO. In the 1980s he co-founded Museum Quality Framing Company, a large West Coast franchise.

In the 1990s Hanauer was one of the first investors in Amazon.com (where he served as adviser to the board until 2000). He founded gear.com (which eventually merged with Overstock.com) and Avenue A Media (which in 2007, under the new name aQuantive, was acquired by Microsoft for $6.4 billion).

In 2000, Hanauer co-formed the Seattle-based venture capital company, Second Avenue Partners. The company advises and funds early stage companies such as HouseValues Qliance,and Newsvine.

His TED talk from 2012 was banned by TED as it found Nick Hanauers ideas to far stretched and there was not enough evidence to support his arguments.


Billy Crystal's Emmy Awards 2014 Tribute to Robin Williams


You've Seen It Here First: Is This The New iPhone 6?

This video is definitely worse chatting about, find out what makes it so good!


Robo Brain’ will teach robots everything from the Internet

If you would like to take part in some serious sexy robot talk then watch this video and learn how robots will work in the very near future. Robo Brain is currently downloading and processing about 1 billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos, and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals, all being translated and stored in a robot-friendly format.

And since we're already talking about robots, meet 

Meet OutRunner: The World's First Remotely Controlled Running Robot

A kickstarter project that didn't quite meet its funding target of $150,000 despite it being a great idea for an insane toy!