10 Optical Illusion Videos That Will Freak You Out - No 4 Will Mess U Up!

No 1 - Just watch, chill and enjoy this one. Let yourself get carried away....


No 2 - Tripping, but with a sober everyday stupid brain void of any breakthrough thoughts which would otherwise be conveyed by the visuals. fun!


No 3 - It is another world,i can feel it, but we can't explain it. amazing to the eye n` what it revels to`em.

Also features an epic Soundtrack!!!


No 4 - Moving Wallpaper. This one is serious! One step too far?


No 5 - "Continuum Infinitum" unfolds before your eyes by revealing finer and finer details emanating from a single point. It is a meditation on the mechanics of time and space as infinite and seamless processes. The film is designed to loop so it essentially has no beginning and no end. Please download and try looping it :)
To watch at 1080p I recommend downloading it to ensure smooth playback.


No 6 - This is the result of one of the biggest holographic projections ever which creates a complete optical illusion and breaks the rules of time and space on stage.


No 7 - This is beautifully relaxing using square loops to create a 3d illusion.


No 9 - Turn off the lights, put this on full screen and allow yourself the experience, the experiment of the next 6 minutes. Remember 'movie' is just short for moving picture, picture comes from 'pingere' Latin for paint or 'pict', 'pik', 'pig' - pigmentum. We're all just monkeys anyways.
And that shit is bananas!


No 10 - Another stare at the middle then look away concentric circle illusion. Nice!

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