Born to an American mother and a German father, Arlissa was raised in Brixton, South London. Heavily influenced by her father’s love of music, she grew up idolising the voices of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, and Tina Turner. It was only when she expressed her desire to follow in their footsteps and to write music, that he told her to watch Prince’s Purple Rain.

The film had a lasting impact on her, inspiring her to pursue a music career. Arlissa’s ambition and talent saw her work with a variety of producers, her vocal on the track ‘Hard To Love Somebody’ gained the attention of not only a publisher, but also Nas, who after hearing it approached Arlissa to feature on it.

Having achieved a surprise entry into BBC’s Sound of in 2013, she had only performed a handful of gigs and not even released any music. Taking the time to develop both her personal and music style & sound, she is now a powerful singer & songwriter who has been attracting the attention of industry heavyweights around the world.

Opening Bestival’s Big Top Stage and the release of her first official single ‘Sticks & Stones’, which charted at 48 in the UK Singles Chart and received acclaim for being an ‘ethereal’ and ‘fierce pop song’.

Her patience paid off. She has gained a great deal of interest from both artists and industry heavyweights. Having written and featured on two singles in German electronic-DJ Schiller’s number 1 album, Future.

Arlissa is currently featuring on UK producers Tough Love’s summer dance floor hit Touch. As well as the track 'Stay Up All Night' on Belgian DJ Netsky’s album, 3, due out this summer.

More of her talents have been showcased with ‘Flames’, a track she co-wrote and has her vocals featured on for Jacob Banks. The track was used by Fox to promote their popular American musical drama, Empire’s Season 2 finale. The show is Fox’s highest-rated debut in over three years and its second season opener drew in a staggering 16.2 million viewers.

She is also set to tick another of the world’s biggest rappers off her list, when she features on Italian DJ Jacky Greco’s 'Blow', with Snoop Dogg.

These collaborations are only a glimpse at what’s to come from Arlissa; with her own music finally set to truly showcase her singing and songwriting abilities.